“For over 30 years, Socrates, of Marquis Jewellers, has artistically and skilfully transformed all my imaginary concepts into eye-pleasing and valuable realities. His combination of superior craftsmanship, empathy and integrity make him unique.”

-Paul Goldstein, Toronto, Ontario July 10, 2014

“I have been a customer of Marquis Jewellers for over 20 years. The individual attention that Socrates provides makes every purchase a pleasure, whether it is for a corporate gift, a service request, or a special design for a family member. The Marquis staff demonstrate consistent and exemplary customer service and are in my view role model as a retailer offering innovative, unique pieces that require knowledge and expertise.”
-Rick Hayward

“As with most things in life, the good things are hard to find, but once you find them you stick with them. Almost 10 years ago very good friends of my now husband and I referred us to Marquis Jewellers when looking for an engagement ring. Given our friend has great taste in jewellery and is keenly aware of the value proposition of any important purchase, we knew we were headed in the right direction. What a pleasure it was to work with Socrates and his team who have years of experience in gemstones, fine jewellery and of course, a girls’ best friend…diamonds. They gained our trust and business in our first transaction.
The tireless attention to detail, and time taken to create just what their clients are looking for, not to mention a customer oriented team that is always happy to greet you, keeps us returning as clients whether a simple jewellery repair, family or friend special occasion gifts or that timeless custom piece of fine jewellery for that special someone.
Thanks Marquis Jewellers!
-Dona Asciak Fletcher

“For over 30 years, Socrates Reppas, the owner of Marquis Jewellers, has been our exclusive choice for quality jewellery. His original and custom designs have never ceased to amaze us, and we are so proud to wear his unique creations. Socrates brings his vast experience and the highest quality of workmanship, to each and every meticulously made design.
Socrates, along with his knowledgeable and professional staff, provide the most personal attention, in a warm and welcoming setting. We highly recommend Socrates to anyone who wishes to wear and enjoy his incomparable pieces of the finest jewellery which will be treasured for many years to come…
Thank you so much Socrates. You are a Master Craftsman.”
-J. & M.